Sustainable Development Goals - 17 Goals to Transform our World

Reporting Status

Overall Reporting Status 239 indicators

123Reported online52%
116Exploring data sources49%

Status by goal

No poverty 14 indicators

8Reported online57%
6Exploring data sources43%

Zero hunger 9 indicators

3Reported online33%
6Exploring data sources67%

Good health and well-being 29 indicators

16Reported online55%
13Exploring data sources45%

Quality education 11 indicators

5Reported online46%
6Exploring data sources55%

Gender equality 15 indicators

9Reported online60%
6Exploring data sources40%

Clean water and sanitation 11 indicators

5Reported online46%
6Exploring data sources55%

Affordable and clean energy 6 indicators

4Reported online67%
2Exploring data sources33%

Decent jobs and economic growth 17 indicators

14Reported online82%
3Exploring data sources18%

Industry, innovation and infrastructure 12 indicators

4Reported online33%
8Exploring data sources67%

Reduced inequalities 10 indicators

6Reported online60%
4Exploring data sources40%

Sustainable cities & communities 15 indicators

13Reported online87%
2Exploring data sources13%

Responsible consumption and production 13 indicators

4Reported online31%
9Exploring data sources69%

Climate action 7 indicators

3Reported online43%
4Exploring data sources57%

Life below water 9 indicators

0Reported online0%
9Exploring data sources100%

Life on land 14 indicators

1Reported online7%
13Exploring data sources93%

Peace and justice - strong institutions 24 indicators

14Reported online58%
10Exploring data sources42%

Partnerships for the goals 23 indicators

14Reported online61%
9Exploring data sources39%